Sunday, September 13, 2015

MU is just The Beginning, and it is not the Peak of the Darmian's Career

MU is just the beginning, and it is not the peak of the Darmian's career Matteo Darmian feel very happy at Manchester United and instantly become the first choice manager Louis van Gaal. Nevertheless, this 25 year old player assesses its achievements at Old Trafford is a first step to achieve success in his career.
Matteo Darmian
Darmian decided to move to Manchester United in the summer transfer window after leaving Torino. It seems Darmian career in the Premier League will shine as a full-back and he immediately gained the confidence to play the full from the beginning of the season and continue to show an impressive game. He also regularly enters the Italian squad.
This makes Darmian happy. More than that, he feels very comfortable like at his own home in Manchester, despite he is a stranger, but can be received well at the club.
To the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Darmian said that the important thing for him is that even though he is a foreigner, he was instantly comfortable at Manchester United. Thank you conveyed to the teammates and the staffs made him feel part of this club.

Darmian also added that he would like to remain confidentially to himself. He is a man who worked hard to get a place, where he is now and intend to continue to do so. Manchester United is the beginning of everything, not the peak of his career.

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