Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sir Geoff Hurst: Striker Rooney Really Great

Sir Geoff Hurst: Striker Rooney really great – England legend Sir Geoff Hurst, said that Wayne Rooney is a great player figure, ahead of the qualifying duel of the Euro 2016 against San Marino and Switzerland.
Sir Geoff Hurst
Rooney had received criticism for not scored a goal in the Premier League, but the figure player of 29-year old is expected to soon be surpassed Sir Bobby Charlton as England's top scorer of all time in the near future.
Rooney is now making 48 goals and it is only one goal separated of the Charlton record.
Hurst explained to reporters that Rooney truly great player, Hurst face the same issues when he played for England and West Ham. Hurst is often criticized for not scoring. If Rooney can get past Charlton, then he deserves and he has his effort.

Hurst also added that we should not compare between the two of them. Rooney is a striker, while Charlton is a midfielder. Rooney did not win the World Cup, but he was very great. Rooney's performance in England and Manchester United in recent years is very great.

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