Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mata Argues that MU Plays with the High Level Football

Juan Mata said that this time Manchester United has managed to show everyone that they can demonstrate a high level of a football game.
The statement came out of the mouth of the Spaniard player after United managed to achieve positive results in his last three games, the win against Derby County and Stoke City, as well as the draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
Mata Argues that MU Plays with the High Level Football

The draw result with opponents of the Blues is clearly a little disappointing because they are actually capable of winning first in the game. However, Mata insists that all troops of the Red Devils this time was quite happy with his performance lately.
Juan Mata said on the Sky Sports News that was clear when any one win and play good, the confidence will come back soon and his team now shows that the Red Devils can play high-level soccer and attractive, and try to attack because that's what his team did.
A former troop of The Blues has also mentioned that is what the fans want to see the team and the Red Devils try to give our best in every game. In the last three or four games, his team performed very, very nice.
Meanwhile, an interesting sight can be witnessed after the match Chelsea, Manchester United a 1-1 Premier League. A class action invites the respect is shown by Manchester United midfielder, who is a former Chelsea player, Juan Mata.
After the final whistle, Mata was not immediately leaving the field. However, he waited to greet each player the Blues. Some nudge at twetter of many Chelsea fans have praised the attitude of Juan Mata.
Mata is indeed one of the idol players of the Chelsea fans when he was at Stamford Bridge. Despite his left to MU, the Chelsea fans still love him.
Juan Mata moved in January 2014, and it could not be separated from the 'role' Jose Mourinho, who freezes. Now, without the figure of Mourinho at the Chelsea bench, Mata seems to feel the calm greet and interact with former colleagues.

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