Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fail Big Four, United will Kick Van Gaal out

Louis van Gaal will be sacked if Manchester United failed to finish in the top four of the Premier League at the end of the season.
The Sunday Mirror said that winning the FA Cup in the 15/16 will not save the Dutch manager of dismissal at Old Trafford.

Fail Big Four, United will Kick Van Gaal out
United reported that the value of shares decreased on the New York Stock Exchange. And it is rumored that these conditions will persist unless the club is able to ensure that they will be playing in the Champions League next season - given the highest caste of European club competition that promises tremendous revenue potential.
That means Van Gaal should strive to help his team reach a point by point in the Premier League to make Wayne Rooney et al finish in the top four, or led the club to win the Europa League, where the winner will receive rations automatically qualify for the Champions League next season.
Meanwhile, related to the shaky position of Van Gaal, Stan Collymore argue that Manchester United does not make Ryan Giggs as their next manager.
Louis van Gaal was under pressure this season, after he was thought to be not able to play attractive football with the team. Jose Mourinho then was considered an appropriate figure to replace the Dutch manager, and so it is with Giggs, who is now the assistant manager at Old Trafford.
But Collymore told The Mirror that just like Giggs, Guardiola is a legend in Barcelona and was eager to become a manager. But just because Guardiola achieves something special at the club, it does not mean Giggs will accomplish the same thing at Manchester United.
Collymore also said that Giggs is a person who is quite shy. When Collymore and Giggs still a player, he never assess Giggs had the makings of a great manager. Although there are many people who say very suitable Giggs replace Louis van Gaal. Giggs did not look like a pro-active, like Van Gaal.
Collymore added that makes Giggs as manager will ruin the great legacy that Giggs already gave at Old Trafford. Just like his former colleague, Gary Neville, Giggs had to go from the Theatre of Dreams and gain his experiences. If it is only after Giggs successful, the appointment will be commensurate with the risks that arise.

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