Friday, August 21, 2015

Rooney Vows to Create Goals at This Weekend

Rooney vows to create goals at this weekend Wayne Rooney provides feedback about the criticism directed at him. Rooney is considered less sharply at the beginning of this season, although he played as the main striker.
W. Rooney
Rooney said that people are too quick to give criticism to him. He promised to silence their critics by scoring goal in the next weekend, when Manchester United FC entertains Newcastle.
As presented to the BBC, Roney said that he was undergoing a bad game this season and everyone talking about it. He had never experienced it all in his career. But he hopes that this weekend he can start scoring.
Rooney feels confident can score more goals. From his experience, he has often been criticized at the beginning of the season and then be able to prove themselves throughout the season.

Rooney also added that there presently is still in early season; the Red Devils had only played three times. And he has experienced with all of the criticism of this kind. He also knows that the chance to score goals will come to him. Roney knows his responsibility is to lead the front line and scored for the team. And Rooney vows to create goals at this weekend.

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