Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Threatened Fired United, Van Gaal Rents Apartment Monthly

Manager Louis van Gaal seems very aware that his fate at Manchester United already had its day. The manager of Dutch origin was reportedly rented apartment per month currently in case he should immediately lift the foot from Old Trafford.
Over the past 18 months, Van Gaal reportedly rented an apartment with 4 bedrooms in the elite area of Manchester, Hale. But earlier this month, van Gaal and his wife had to flee from there because the owner wants to use his own apartment.
Threatened Fired United, Van Gaal Rents Apartment Monthly
Instead, the 64-year-old man rented an apartment in the area Bowdon. The owner offers apartments with rental price of 18 thousand pounds sterling per half-year or three thousand pounds sterling per month.
Surprisingly, according to the source of the pages of The Sun, van Gaal is not rented apartment in the long term. He was willing to pay 4500 pounds sterling per month on condition that he could pay it in the monthly rental apartment.
The new apartment van Gaal was called as the best apartments in south Manchester. The apartment has amenities like hot water bath in the roof and the rooms have balconies.
Today Van Gaal is in a high pressure after Manchester United lost to Sunderland 2-1 on Saturday night. The defeat leaves Manchester United's chance to end the season in the top four and achieve Champions League tickets more difficult.
That's what makes officials of The Red Devil sultry. They reportedly no longer have the patience to keep Van Gaal until the end of the season. The news sparked speculation that Jose Mourinho will be coached Wayne Rooney et al faster than previously expected, the beginning of next season.

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