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The Worst Records of MU in the Van Gaal's Hand

Louis Van Gaal brought by the Manchester United management to improve the team's record after Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes step aside. He did manage to return the Red Devils back into the Champions League.
However, success was not accompanied by a satisfactory performance in this season. As a result, they were thrown from UCL performances in the group phase. United also got a lot of criticism for making Wayne Rooney et al did not appear quite attractive and minimal in the goals scoring.
The Worst Records of MU in the Van Gaal's Hand
The Dutch manager is also urged by fans to leave Old Trafford. The urge was growing stronger after the last weekend MU lost to the occupants of the relegation zone, Sunderland. The defeat was complete a number of bad notes he had created earlier.
Here's a list of such record-breaking a.k.a the bad records as described below:
1. Start Losing at Stadium of Light
Since first moving to Sunderland Stadium of Light in 1997 ago, Manchester United had never even tasted defeat at the stadium.
But the record was toppled when the Red Devils to the stadium that met on February 15, 2016 yesterday. Wahbi Khazri and an own goal by David De Gea makes The Black Cats won despite Manchester United had a reply through a flick Anthony Martial.
2. No Difference Away With Villa
Manchester United turned out to be no better than Aston Villa, when viewed from the end result that they can in the last 12 games.
Villa is the worst team in the EPL current stage. They are a team that is likely to be degraded at the end of this season. Currently they are at the bottom of the standings with a collection of 16 points from 26 matches.
In the last 12 games that acted Remy Garde squad that in the event the EPL, they won 11 points. Of the same number of matches, Manchester United could only collect 13 points.
3. Losing Streak of Soton
Manchester United is the team that is superior to the majority of teams in the UK, particularly in the stage of EPL. However, the strength of Manchester United has been reduced clearly today. This was evidenced by the success of Southampton have won twice in a row at Old Trafford. Whereas the Red Devils have not lost even, from the Soton in the last 27 years.
Soton did experience an increase in performance under Coach Ronald Koeman. But if you observe, materially they still should not deserve to lose twice in a row from the club at Old Trafford anyway. At the time of Sir Alex Ferguson, even if they lose from one team, at the next meeting of the Scottish manager can surely reciprocate.
4. Total Points Low
Manchester United recorded the lowest points tally after diving 23 games in the Premier League. After the defeat against Southampton in January last, United's only able to earn 37 points from 23 matches. The total was the lowest points in their history.
5. Defeat at the Boxing Day
Over the past 13 years, Manchester United was never sluggish when occurred on the Boxing Day. But the record was halted when they met Stoke City at last of December. They came to the Britannia Stadium; the Red Devils lost 2-0 to the host.
Losses that occurred in the 13 years ago, precisely in 2002, occurred when Manchester United met with Middlesbrough. Fighting at the Riverside Stadium, Manchester United lost with the score 3-1.
6. 8 Games without Winning
Manchester United has never failed to win eight times in a row since 1989 ago. That means that the record had lasted for 27 years. At that time Sir Alex Ferguson is still not long handle Red Devils.
Manchester United official diving eight games without a win in a row after losing to Stoke City on Boxing Day last.
7. Hat trick Swansea
Swansea City is just a mediocre club. But in the last three meetings, they are always capable of defeating Manchester United.
The Swans beat United at home games and away games in the 2014-15 seasons. It was the first time this has happened in the history of the club. But then they could win again when met Wayne Rooney et al on August 30 last. All of the victory was won with a score of 2-1.
8. The defeat of Prime from Norwich
Manchester United is always brave when he meets with Norwich City. Even in the last 26 years, alias since 1990, United have never lost against the team nicknamed The Canaries.
This season, Norwich was only able to win six times alone on stage EPL. One victory itself was created when they met with Manchester United at Old Trafford in December. At that time they won 1-2.


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