Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mourinho is believed Succeeding at Manchester United

There are pros and cons regarding the appointment rumors of Jose Mourinho as Manchester United manager next season. Paris Saint-Germain defender David Luiz, is one of being a pro.
Luiz, who was coached by Mourinho during Chelsea still strengthening, argues The Special One, nicknamed Mourinho, is the right man for the Red Devils camp.
Mourinho is believed Succeeding at Manchester United

As quoted by The Express, Luiz said that whoever cannot deny the success of Mourinho. That is why he believes that Manchester United interested in him.
Luiz is also feeling confident that Mourinho could gain success at Manchester United, just as Mourinho has delivered Chelsea to achieve greatness a few years earlier.
28-year-old player said that he thought Mourinho would not have a problem if he coach Manchester United. Mourinho will always be concerned with Chelsea, but Mourinho knows what is best for Manchester United.
Mourinho has not trained any clubs since he is sacked by Chelsea in December 2015. The man from Portugal was fired because of the achievement of Chelsea in the Premier League this season decreased drastically when they are compared to the previous season.
Nevertheless, Luiz claimed that Mourinho will always be an attraction for any club.
Luiz said that coaches come and go. It is part of football. However, Mourinho will not be idle for too long.
The news will be joining Manchester United Mourinho is getting stronger, following the poor results achieved by the club in the Premier League scene alongside Louis van Gaal.
The latest bad result, Manchester United defeated 1-2 by the occupants club of the relegation zone, Sunderland.
 Not surprisingly, according to a report in The Express, there is also an issue that Manchester United are planning to release Van Gaal and recruit Mourinho before the match counter Arsenal on February 28, 2016.

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