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O'Shea Concerned about the fate of the Young Player of MU and The Red Devils

John O'Shea claimed to worry about the fate of young players at Manchester United today.
Unlike him when he defend the core team of the Red Devils at a time when they are in peak performance, this season names like Donald Love and James Borthwick forced to unload at a time when the team are in a difficult situation and got the storm injury.
O'Shea Concerned about the fate of the Young Player of MU and The Red Devils
O'Shea is now defending Sunderland, and then told the Telegraph that he was young when the defending team at the club, but it happened after his team won the league. At that time everything seemed easier. If you defend a team that is ranked one or two in the league, then there will be more pressure.
O'Shea also said that you will see what happens with the manager; they wanted to include younger players when the team plays well. But the Manchester United circumstances force them to do that because of injuries to core players.
Former Manchester United defender John O’Shea is also reminded that the minimum target for the Red Devils for the club is to qualify for the main round of the Champions League next season.
And the target seems to be difficult to achieve by a fleet of upbringing Louis van Gaal, who was defended by the team after O'Shea, Sunderland, beating Wayne Rooney et al 2-1 in the Premier League match last week.
O'Shea also said that the pressure will continue to be felt by the troops of MU if they cannot finish at the top four this season.
O'Shea also added that they have only lost once in 2016 before coming here. They got a lot of praise lately. They are still a good team, but they're not in the desired position in the standings, it certainly is.
O'Shea said that the Champions League qualification is a minimum target for them. It is predetermined, when you look at the squad and the existing budget, and that's what a club to play in the Champions League. Not only Manchester United, another team in five or six large spending a lot of money for the Champions League, because that's the reward and they can attract more great players. That is the challenge that they had and it was difficult for them. The quality of the Premier League is on the rise.
Former Manchester United player John O'Shea also claimed that his former team began to lose its aura after being defeated Sunderland 2-1.
Playing at the Stadium of Light, The Red Devils are made helpless by the host. A goal from Anthony Martial could not avoid defeat for the hosts scored two goals from Wahbi Khazri and an own goal by David de Gea.
After the match, it is recognized O'Shea -which now playing in Sunderland- that Louis van Gaal's side began to lose their aura after the slick appearance since the turn of the year.
As reported by Four Four Two, O'Shea said that because this season they have some injured players, it is difficult for them to maintain their aura. They still have some very good attacking players. He thought back their wings very well play a role in reducing the attacks, but they do not have as many players as much as they use.

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