Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MU messy, Rooney is Defending Van Gaal

Wayne Rooney mention that there is no maximum performance, which is shown by Manchester United should not blame to Louis Van Gaal, but the players are in the squad.
This season, the Red Devils did not perform satisfactorily. Moreover, the team is also so blunt up front. As a result a lot of criticism addressed to Van Gaal. Many also ask for the Dutchman manager in order to lift the foot from Old Trafford.
Rooney finally spoke up about the criticism. Instead, he defended Van Gaal by mentioning that the blame should be directed to the players, and should not just blame to the manager.
As reported by Soccerway, Roney confirms that it is unfair to say to blame the manager. He and his team are at the top of the field, so the players should be responsible for the performance and the final results in the field.
Rooney also explained that the entire team must stand up and accept all incoming criticism. The Red Devils want to win, of course. All team members always want to win, and they try to win. Even when all the players give 100 percent of his ability, it does not always succeed.
Wayne Rooney also assesses the bad performance of Manchester United in this season is not the only fault of the manager, Louis van Gaal. He considered, the players on the field are even more inappropriate held accountable.
As it is known, Rooney et al is still ranked 5th with 37 points or 10 points at odds of Leicester City. However, the issue of productivity goals of Van Gaal's troops into lower grade than eight other big teams, only 28 goals from 23 matches.
Van Gaal became the target of criticism. Lastly, he is given the criticism when he is derided by publicly at the Old Trafford because Manchester United lost 0-1 to Southampton on Saturday (23/01/2016).
However, Rooney considers that if the public mistakenly attributing all the blame to Van Gaal.
Wayne Rooney unfairly judged that if their poor performance this season is all of the responsibility of the manager. All the players are on the field. So, they should have a great responsibility for the performance and the final result.
According to Rooney, he and the players on the field are always trying to show 100 percent ability to achieve victory.

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