Saturday, May 14, 2016

Manchester United scooping 500 million pounds

Manchester United remains the most profitable club. Apart from the performance on the gridiron, the Red Devils managed to reap revenues of more than 500 million pounds.
According to the BBC, Manchester United became the first English team whose income breaks 500 million pounds. Improved performance was not separated from the Red Devils off the field.
Manchester United scooping 500 million pounds
The second quarter earnings in 2015 Manchester United climbed 26.6 percent and exceeded 133.8 million pounds. Revenue from the commercial side rose 42.5 percent to 66.1 million pounds.
Major sales also derived from broadcasting rights which rose 31.3 percent to 37.3 million pounds. Similarly, income from sponsors is also an increase of 1.6 million pounds.
The decrease occurred only on the income from ticket sales. Because last season did not play in European competition, thus shrinking the number of home games, the Red Devils revenue from this sector fell 1.6 percent.
Executive Vice Chairman, Ed Woodward, the latter is often criticized for his transfer policy-related, said that the results slick off the pitch are expected to assist the main targets for achievement on the gridiron.
Woodward pointed out; the incomes of Manchester United were obtained after securing deals from Sina Sport to MUTV in China. Then, there are companies United States (US), Columbia, which became the official clothing outdoor club since last month.
Currently, Manchester United is the ranked of 3rd as the richest club in the world according to Deloitte. Based on the 2016 Deloitte Football Money League, they are behind the two Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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