Sunday, April 3, 2016

United Suggested to Promote Giggs than Recruiting Mourinho

Bryan Robson suggested his former club, Manchester United, to promote Ryan Giggs became the manager rather than recruit Jose Mourinho.

Since its inception in February 2016, United has been associated with Mourinho progressively. Reported by the Daily Mail, they want to recruit Mourinho in response to the decision of Manchester City has proposed Josep Guardiola.
Ryan Giggs

Robson did not agree with the plan. According to him, the Devils can get a figure resembling Guardiola inside Giggs.

Robson said that Giggs could be the Guardiola of United. They talked football intelligence and brain of Guardiola. Giggs is no different Guardiola. He just needs a chance after Louis van Gaal left.

Robson also said that the owner will issue a decision. Related Mourinho, he knows that floated around. However, there is no person who can do this job better than Giggs.

There are similarities between the story Giggs at Manchester United and Guardiola at Barcelona. Both had become a key player at each club before entering a career as a coach.

Giggs, who has been at Old Trafford since the age of 13 years, had tasted the seat United manager in April 2014. In the four parties led Giggs, the Red Devils picked up two wins.

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