Friday, April 1, 2016

Does the First Rooney's Son Not Fans of Manchester United?

Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, is one of the most successful footballers in England. There is not surprisingly, the son, Kai, interested in following his father's footsteps into the world of football.
Kai, who is now six years old, known to have the desire to become the football players, it was revealed in a BBC program, in October 2015.
Wayne Rooney
People also assume that Everton or Manchester United became his favorite football club Kai, because his father played for both clubs. However, apparently assuming that's not quite true,
On Tuesday (02/09/2016), Rooney upload a photo of his two sons, Kai and Klay, on Twitter. In the photo, Kai looks do not wear uniforms Everton or Manchester United, but Aston Villa!
It is quite sparked mixed reactions on Twitter, including from the official Twitter account of Aston Villa that is delighted to see Rooney's first child wearing their jersey.
On board of the current Premier League standings, the position of Aston Villa is worse, which ranks with the acquisition of the final 16 points. If this situation does not change, The Villans will be ascertained down caste in the next season.

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