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Five Reasons Manchester United Deserved to Lose Against Southampton, a Review

Like it or not the defeat of Manchester United over Southampton is painful, but this defeat was deserving to be accepted by MU if you really want to analyze the data of the Red Devils team. Whereas ahead of the game, many the ball observers suspect that the ball will bounce once again for MU that had the impressive result at Anfield, by beating Liverpool 1-0. But the fact, Manchester United actually even fell down. MU is lying down at home to Southampton through the only goal of Charlie Austin in the 87th minute.
Five Reasons Manchester United Deserved to Lose Against Southampton, a Review
 Because it occurred at Old Trafford, the defeat was much hit the United fans, of course. This defeat is identical to the result that occurred last season. At that time, a single goal Dusan Tadic has succeeded to make the United fans, who meet the Old Trafford and went home with tightness in the chest.
Red Devils actually performed quite dominant in this match. Their superior ball control is with 56 percent versus 44 percent for Soton. Just like the other games of MU, the dominance of the ball possession was not proportional to the results of the game.
If MU was able to appear dominant, then what factors that made the Louis van Gaal's squad had to give up Soton? Here is the reviews which tries to answer the question.
1. Questioning the Formation of 3-4-1-2
This is so unusual that Coach Lois van Gaal used the basic formation, 3-4-1-2, in this match. With this formation, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Jesse Lingard play in the wingback position. Two players who are expected to build attacks from the wings in fact they are so clumsy.
Borthwick-Jackson, who usually plays as a left back is looks clumsy; he was not playing his role as an explosive player in line combing the wing. As a result, throughout the fight, he only did one maneuver dribble only. Of the 30 times the bait which he let go, there were only two of which led to the penalty box. One thing that makes it worth understandable is the only factor that he was 18 years old.
The same thing also happened to Jesse Lingard position; his motion-round is clumsy too. By instinct as a winger, a position that is too far back made him too poor to create a lot of threats.
2. The same role between Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial in this game
In this action Louis van Gaal put Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial on equal footing. It is quite rare because typically Van Gaal put Rooney as a lone striker, while Martial play as a winger. Unfortunately, when they duet, then both players actually appear with the same characters. Rooney and Martial too often down and there is nothing to fill the post in the middle of the penalty box.
After his performance which is nicely in the last few games, Rooney has isolated again in this match. Rooney did not even manage to break a kick into the goal, even though he played 90 minutes. There are not many opportunities that could be created by the former Everton striker.
The performance of Rooney has looked like same with Anthony Martial's action. Attackers 20 years played role as missing from the game. Anthony Martial involved only touch the ball 37 times. He was losing touch that compared with the number of touches of the Soton player, Fraser Foster, the goalkeeper of Soton.
3. Slick appearance Virgil van Dijk
The impasse of the players of Manchester United would not be separated from the solid rearguard Southampton. The best performance deserved to be given to the figure of Virgil van Dijk. Statistically, the Dutch defender appeared very prominently.
In 90 minutes, which based on statistical records Whoscored, Van Dijk made the five successful tackles; five strokes the ball, as well as five intercepts. Its appearance is considered the best when compared to other players.
In addition, Van Djik also actively involved in the game. He was in contact with the ball as much as 45 times, this number is better when compared with Marouane Fellaini which involved only 29 touches. Note Fellaini only played 45 minutes.
4. How to Set Piece Anticipation
So this was so a bad strategy. That is the right word to describe the way the players Manchester United anticipate the ball dead. How could I not, at a crucial moment, Chris Smalling and others just let Charlie Austin get away with it.
In the 87th minute, Soton got a free kick on the field. James Ward-Prowse appeared as executor tosses the ball. We wonder what really happened, the player of the caliber of Austin left without care of Manchester United's player.
The result, it was so easy for Austin to head the ball for breaking the David De Gea's goalkeeper.
5. Without creativity in the Middle
Creativity becomes a problem again for Manchester United. Besides clumsy attack from the wings, as we have been discussed previously, the line of midfielder also needs to come under scrutiny.
Marouane Fellaini who is expected to play his best role yet he actually performed poorly. As a result, he only lasted for 45 minutes on the field. Louis van Gaal then replaced him with Juan Mata to add creativity.
Mata did provide fresh air for the MU attack. He moves quite dynamic in midfield. However, the movement is quite limited because of the front line who inhabited duo Rooney and Martial were unable to open space and both of them tend to move down to the middle of the field.
6. Bored to Louis van Gaal
The fans gave a different perspective to Louis van Gaal while the match counter Southampton ended. Usually, when before the entrance to the hall to the locker room, MU fans always give applause while Van Gaal waves his hand to the supporters. However, in this game the fans actually look angry to the Dutchman.
Media in the UK called the fans have started to lose patience to Van Gaal. They've been longing to MU are playing offense and can score goals.
While, in the game contra Soton, MU tend to play cautiously. Van Gaal reluctantly chose the option to increase the attacking power by the substitutions which he did. He also kept his players who have the attacking insting, like Memphis Depay and Andreas Pereira on the bench. Even so, with the formation, from kick off until the game ends, Van Gaal was retaining 3-4-1-2 formation although these formations are in a dead-end condition.

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