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A review: What is wrong with Manchester United?

Manchester United through their last six games without a win, even three of which ended in defeat.
The series of negative results distanced Manchester United for the Premier League title. Now, they have a distance of nine points with Leicester City as the top standings.
Not surprisingly, manager Louis van Gaal began overshadowed by the threat of dismissal. In the eyes of the fans, the Dutchman is also implementing tactics that tend to be monotonous and defensive.
A review: What is wrong with Manchester United?
 So, what is wrong with Manchester United? A number of the following statistics might explain it.
The numbers of the goals productivities are 22 goals
After the match counters Norwich, Saturday (19/12/2015), Van Gaal refused to dub his team as the defensive team. Understandably, the fans are always calling for the players to attack each their home match.
Productivity goals of Manchester United are indeed alarming. They just finished eighth to insert records until the 17th week of the Premier League.
Compare with the top three teams. Leicester City has scored 37 goals, 32 goals Manchester City, and Arsenal 29 goals.
The average of the Red Devil's control of the ball is 60.5 percent
Given control of the ball, Manchester United has been almost always superior to the average of 60.5 percent. This record is an achievement of the highest when it compared to other Premier League contestants.
However, United's ball possession was bland when it’s juxtaposed with the amount of opportunities.
The numbers of the shots productivities are 131 shots
It's so natural, if Manchester United was put in a class that is not relatively productive in scoring. They just fired 131 shots in 17 Premier League matches.
For this aspect, Manchester United only ranked 18th. They are lagging behind of the other three of the champion’s candidates. Manchester City has launched 193 shots, 188 shots Arsenal and Leicester City 177 shots.
The amount of wasted opportunity by MU is 13 opportunities
Although of its minimal opportunities, Manchester United is actually relatively effective if it compares to any other teams. They were only having 13 opportunities that failed to convert chances into goals. Special aspects of this, there are only six teams are better than Manchester United.
Three other teams of the championship contenders even very often waste the opportunity. Arsenal squandered the golden opportunities as much 32, Manchester City 26, and Leicester 22.
The criticism of Paul Scholes
Given these four aspects, Paul Scholes said that United has too many operands, but they rarely spread the threat.
In the November 2015 Scholes criticized that the Red Devils done too much the wall pass before they were entering the final third of the pitch. This is the reason why the striker like Wayne Rooney had trouble to create the score. The strikers do not get the better service.
To improve productivity, Manchester United does not just require dominance through control of the ball and effectiveness, but they also require the quantity of opportunities.

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