Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MU legend impressed with Herrera

MU legend impressed with Herrera – The Manchester United legend, Bryan Robson, admitted impressed with the game Ander Herrera. According to Robson, Herrera is a very energetic player.
Bryan Robson
Red Devils has recruited Herrera from Athletic Bilbao at the beginning of the season. So far, the Spanish midfielder proved his quality with Manchester United FC. Latest, Herrera created one assist while MU's 2-1 wins over Liverpool at Anfield Stadium, Sunday (03/22/2015).
MU legend impressed with Herrera, Robson said that Ander started the season well and he's very energetic. He's always on the move, trying to conquer opponents quickly. He is very qualified.

Robson continued that Ander is pretty good in defense. When Robson saw Ander, He could rate Ander is very energetic. And, Ander also wants to get involved in the game. What Robson like with Ander is that. When people had the ball, Ander always tried to move and receiving feedback.

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