Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Smalling express his feelings after against the City

Smalling express his feelings after against the City – Chris Smalling was disappointed with the draw obtained, when Manchester United faced Manchester City at Old Trafford.
Both Premier League giants only draw 0-0 at home to the Red Devils, and make disappointed 75,000 spectators, who present at the stadium.
Smalling express his feelings after against the City
Smalling then told reporters that he was a little disappointed about it because he felt his team played very well for 90 minutes. And this is one of their best performances shown throughout this season.
Smalling believes that if his team can continue to play like this on a regular basis, then he feels his team will be more victory to be achieved than defeat.
Chris Smalling also admitted to not think that Manchester United can record a clean sheet, when they host Manchester City at Old Trafford last week.
Smalling told MUTV that he thought if the team will be playing, and someone says the team will record a clean sheet, then they probably would have killed him.
Smalling also illustrates the ability of Manchester City were very quick in attack. They played attacking and Smalling have thought that they would launch a counterattack to the Red Devils team, with Raheem and De Bruyne, who has been known to have the speed, so all team members must constantly be ready.
With the addition of one digit, the City returned to the top of the league, with the same points with Arsenal, while Manchester United only two points ahead in fourth position in the standings.
However, Chris Smalling also believes Manchester United are a better team than Manchester City, although the two teams drew 0-0.
The English player played for 90 minutes when the Manchester derby and this happened for the first time that the match ended without a goal since November 2010.
Smalling also explained to MUTV that he thought his team could look more attractive again. Both teams play a compact and organized, and there are not too many opportunities.
Smalling also believes that his team might be quite dominant in the second half. In the final minutes, the City only survived by entering their defender, so he and his teammate able to continue to press them.

Smalling is also found in other opportunities, the opportunities of his team were probably going in and the Red Devils will win.

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