Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rooney "Owe" 40 pounds to Gascoigne

Rooney "Owe" 40 pounds to GascoigneWayne Rooney did have a special affinity with Paul Gascoigne. The former England midfielder was never "lend" money into Rooney 40 pounds.
The incident occurred between 2000 and 2002. At that time, Gascoigne defended Everton and Rooney still a youth team player.
Wayne Rooney
Gazza - call Gascoigne - went to the dressing room young team Everton. He congratulated Rooney et al then offered some money to treat them.
Rooney, as reported by Express, shyly put money 40 pounds in his pocket.
Rooney then became a legend exceed Gazza. On Tuesday (09/08/2015), he listed his name as England's top scorer with a notch 50 goals.
Gazza saw Rooney that is breaking the goal record, and then he jokingly asks his 40 pounds to Rooney.
Responding to the jokingly of Gazza, Rooney then tells the story that after the youth team have the match, Gazza came to our dressing room. He asked if any of us who want to walk after the game.
Rooney also said shyly that he wanted and Gazza gave him 40 pounds. Then Rooney jokingly said that if this were a matter of asking him to pay the money after a record, then Gazza certainly wants to include interest that Rooney must pay.

Rooney has dived that his debut with Everton on 20 April 2002, or at the age of 16 years. Gazza did not get to play alongside Rooney because a month earlier, in conjunction with the resignation of manager Walter Smith, Gazza leave Everton.

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