Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mangala: Martial Will Discover Difficulty in Manchester United

Mangala: Martial will discover difficulty in Manchester United – Eliaquim Mangala warns Manchester United's new signing, Anthony Martial, that he will face a tough challenge to prove himself worthy to be priced 36 million pounds.
Anthony Martial
The figure of 19-year-old player became the world's most expensive teenager, after Manchester United bought from AS Monaco, with a deal that could swell up to 58 million pounds.
Mangala, which was bought by Manchester City 30 million pounds last summer, had experienced difficulties in his first season in England.
Mangala explained to the reporter that he thought the value of the transfer is not a problem. But others will no longer see it in the same way. Manchester United sacrificed much for Anthony Martial. We'll see how Martial cope with all of this. Anthony Martial must continue to focus.

Mangala also said that at this time we can see there are many high-priced players on the transfer market. If we compare it with what happened in the past, we realize that everything had gone too far. According to Mangala, no player is worth 50 to 100 million pounds. It is all part of the business. Mangala hope Anthony Martial could play well. Premier League is a tough league.

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