Saturday, September 26, 2015

Behind penalty Herrera's goal to the Liverpool's Goalpost

Behind penalty Herrera's goal to the Liverpool's goalpost – According to the official website of Manchester United (MU), Ander Herrera, said he was surprised that the execution penalty against Liverpool in the Premier League match on Saturday (09/12/2015), runs smoothly. The reason, he claimed, it was his first penalty in a competitive match.
Ander Herrera
Herrera said that he had never taken a penalty. However, last season, the manager gave him confidence to execute it. Van Gaal said that he has the ability to take the penalty and he was already practicing every day.
Herrera added that he took the penalty, because the first kicker is not in the field (Wayne Rooney). He is the second kicker and he was quite happy with it. However, next time, if the first kicker in the field, Herrera assured that he would not take it.
MU earned a penalty after Herrera was violated by Joe Gomez in the penalty box. Calmly, Herrera kicked hardly in the right corner of the goal Liverpool without being able to be driven goalkeeper Simon Mignolet.
Herrera explained that he was trying to kick hard because he knows that Mignolet is a great goalkeeper, very high, and the body supple. He tried to kick as hard as possible and it scored a good goal. However, the most important thing is the Red Devils won the victory.

Manchester United won 3-1 in the match. In addition to Herrera, the other two goals of Red Devils were scored by Anthony Martial and Daley Blind. Meanwhile, the only goal in Liverpool packaged Christian Benteke.

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