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Because of took a bath together, Ferguson had an Idea to Recruit Eric Cantona

Because of took a bath together, Ferguson had an Idea to Recruit Eric CantonaManchester United's most successful manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, told the story of how he finally recruited Eric Cantona, who later became a legend at Old Trafford. Apparently, Ferguson was "forced" to pick up talented player and controversial after a bath with the Red Devils players.
Alex Ferguson
The story is part of the contents of Alex Ferguson's latest book, Leading. In his citation, Ferguson said that he joined the cast in the tub after a fierce fight between the hard rival of Manchester United, Leeds United, in 1992.
After listening to the views of the defender players on his team about the latest star ability Yorkshire, Eric Cantona, the seed of an idea has embedded in the mind of the man from Scotland. He was finally able to land Cantona at Old Trafford at the end of the year.
Ferguson said that he had listened and provides an understanding of who is actually Eric Cantona and what makes him so valuable. After the game against Leeds United in 1992, Ferguson was in the bathroom along with his players, it's not something that he used to do.
Ferguson continued that at that moment he listened to the analysis of the game from Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister, who talked about Cantona, a Leeds striker of the French origin who imported from Nimes. Bruce was specifically talking about the ability of Cantona.
Ferguson admitted that somehow, these comments planting the seed in his mind, and then it was immediately pushed the Red Devils to buy Eric from Leeds United. And, we all know how it goes! By listening, even just for a moment, it was lead Ferguson to a decision that changed the landscape of Manchester United.
Cantona spent almost five years at Old Trafford and he transformed into a star player of the elite club in the Premier League during the mid-1990s, which brought the Red Devils to dominate the English football. The 49-year-old man has packed 82 goals in 185 appearances for the Red Devils and won four Premier League titles and twice lifted the FA Cup.
In the 1994-95 seasons, Cantona had done very controversial action by kicking someone with his kung fu action. This story happened when Manchester United against Crystal Palace on January 25, 1995, after he was given a red card by the referee because Cantona kicked the Palace defender, Richard Shaw, who had pulled his shirt.

On his way out of the field, the player which is identical with the number 7 is jumping and kicking with the kung fu style into the audience. Cantona targeted the Palace supporter, Matthew Simmons, who allegedly mocked him by calling Cantona as the French were useless.

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