Friday, August 28, 2015

Van Gaal praises for appearance Roney and his team

Van Gaal praises for appearance Roney and his team – Manchester United boss, Louis van Gaal, talks about how his team played, which is so organized after they beat Club Brugge and secure their ration to play in the Champions League group phase.
Van Gaal
The Manchester United soccer team should thank to Wayne Rooney, who has scored a hat-trick and helped them win 4-0 in the second leg playoff, and the manager apparently very pleased with the results they have achieved it.
Van Gaal explained to BT Sport that his team is very organized. Red Devils played with the ball, but with a much simpler way than ever before. And finally, the team can create a gap or empty space as well as it could eventually score. It is very nice.
United will now await their opponent who in the group phase later, in the lottery process which will be held UEFA in Monaco.
Meanwhile, Van Gal also praised the extraordinary mental powers possessed by Roney. And Van Gaal said also that he had never doubted the striker that will find his best form.
Van Gaal also mentions the kindness Roney, who has provided the opportunity for Javier Hernandez to take the penalty kick, but it did not score a goal because Chicarito slipped. So, the ball was off the mark.

Manchester United boss, Louis van Gaal, insisted that he had always believed Wayne Rooney, although Rooney was heavily criticized by some parties because he has not been able to contribute a goal for his team. However, the 4-0 score over Club Brugge in the 2nd leg of the playoff Champions League that got the contribution from Roney's hat-trick has made Van Gaal happy. Because of this victory being able to deliver MU into the main round of the Champions League, and silencing the negative criticism that is directed to Roney.

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