Monday, August 24, 2015

Juan Mata Finds Pleasure of Playing Football in MU

Juan Mata finds pleasure of playing football in MU Juan Mata admitted again enjoy in playing football after he is joining ManchesterUnited FC. It's all because he was regarded as an important player there.
Juan Mata
Spanish midfielder was formerly a Chelsea player and he has been named as the best player for two consecutive seasons. But after Chelsea addressed by Jose Mourinho, a new six-month training, Chelsea took off Mata to MU at a price of 37 million pounds.
At first, eyes still have trouble finding his best game at Old Trafford. But after almost two years, he admitted finding his confidence that was lost.
Juan Mata explained to Onda Cero that he was an important player here. He gets a lot of chance to play and he has high confidence.
Juan Mata also added that the Red Devils have not reached the peak of their game, but all players have finished to do, what the players should do, namely to achieve victory.

Thus, Juan Mata comments about the pleasures of playing at MU, after MU successfully has beat Club Brugge in the Champions League play-off match.

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