Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"The only MU is the club can recruit Sergio Ramos"

"The only MU is the club can recruit Sergio Ramos" Manchester United FC (MU) is rumored to be the only club that is likely to get the signature of Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, in the summer transfer window of 2015. This is due to the desire of Madrid to woo the Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea.

Sergio Ramos
This was stated by Guillem Balague, one football expert observer of Skysports. Balague also claimed other clubs would have difficulty recruiting Ramos, because of clause a release contract the Spanish defender in the amount of 200 million euros.
Balague said that the first (excuse the other clubs would be difficult to recruit Ramos) since its release clause of 200 million euros. Another important thing, Real Madrid does not want to negotiate and would not sell their players.
Balague also added that he (Ramos) let this news develops, because they want everyone to know he was not too happy at Real Madrid. However, the contract release clause of 200 million euros and Real Madrid do not want to sell, in Balague opinion, it would be difficult.
In the midst of the incessant news of Ramos will move to Manchester United, is not new if Madrid eyeing De Gea. According Balague, interest in two clubs would become the interesting stories in the transfer market this summer.
Balague also explained moreover, that of course, Manchester United FC wants to woo him. It could be the offer of 'naughty' MU to demand some kind of exchange (Ramos with De Gea). However, once again, everyone knows the fact that Real Madrid wants De Gea, and De Gea want solutions that problem completed this summer. He did not want to let his contract runs out in the summer of next year.

He continued that the Real Madrid FC is hoping to get De Gea, although Manchester United FC also appears at this time do not want to negotiate. It will be 'saga' in the summer transfer window.

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