Thursday, July 16, 2015

The New Pillar MU writes letter to fans Muenchen

The New Pillar MU writes letter to fans MuenchenBastianSchweinsteiger writes an open letter to the fans of Bayern Munich. This was done in line with his decision to leave Munich and joined Manchester United.
Bastian Schweinsteiger
As reported by Goal, Sunday (12/7), Schweinsteiger wrote to his fans that after 17 years in Munich, with 15 domestic titles, won a historic treble and countless success, he was fortunate enough to have an experience with a great team.
Schweinsteiger added that every one of you all are incredible fans. He decided to undergo a new chapter in his career. This decision was made because it is very difficult for every one of you and Munich will always be part of his life.
Schweinsteiger said that he will try another experience at the new club. His goal was Manchester United FC. He hopes everyone you all understand his decision.

Schweinsteiger wallowing title from defending Muenchen. Among them are eight Bundesliga titles and one Champions League trophy.

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