Friday, July 10, 2015

Schweinsteiger makes MU disappointed

Schweinsteiger makes MU disappointed – Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, is claiming to want to remain at the Allianz Arena. He hopes to return to bring Bayern won the Bundesliga next season.
Schweinsteiger previously reported to be the main target of Manchester United (MU). Factors of Louis van Gaal, who had ever coached Schweinsteiger in Bayern, touted to be a strong reason of MU interested in him.
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Moreover, Schweinsteiger has yet to extend his contract with Bayern. German midfielder's 30-year-old has a contract with Bayern until June 30, 2016.
Schweinsteiger moreover also said that he wants to win the Champions League again, but he also wants to play to be successful as the Bayern squad has done over the last few years.
He also added that Bayern Munich is the champions of Germany three times and Schweinsteiger thinks no team able to win four times in a row. So, that is the motivation (to survive in Bayern). And that also becomes the reason that Schweinsteiger makes MU disappointed.

Some time ago, as reported, Schweinsteiger wanted to review the first chance to play with the squad Die Rotten. Understandably, he only appeared in 15 Bundesliga matches 2014-15.

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