Thursday, July 30, 2015

Giggs enjoys the challenge to be a coach

Giggs enjoys the challenge to be a coach – Assistant coach of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs, is enjoying his first season career as a coaching staff. According to Giggs, there is a noticeable difference when he was a player and now as a coach.
Giggs was appointed as an assistant coach Louis van Gaal at the start of the season 2014-2015. On the Giggs first season, Manchester United are not able to provide any degree of titles.
However, Giggs confidents the Manchester United players could show a better ability. For Giggs, this is its main task as one of the Manchester United’s coaching staff.
Giggs said that the biggest thing is learning to become a coach and does not think that he still likes a player. Think like a coach. As a player, he could be a little more selfish. He wants to do their best and is confident in his abilities and how to achieve it.
Giggs wants to give his best as a player and coach. That means there must be hard work and do everything they can to achieve these targets. But it also enjoys the challenge for the team, especially for himself, he continued to explain.

He also added that the coaches have to make 25 to 30 players spend the best ability. So he needs to find a way how the players can perform better. And the main thing is Giggs enjoys the challenge to be a coach.

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