Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Despite reserves, Valdes wants to survive at MU

Despite reserves, Valdes wants to survive at MU – Victor Valdes has not yet given up a career at Manchester United FC. Despite only being a backup last season, Valdes still wanted to survive in this club.
In fact, Valdes could just move to another team to get the main point. At present, the Spanish goalkeeper becomes a hunting target of team of Turkish league promotion Antalyspor.
Victor Valdes
As Gines Carvajal as an agent of Valdes told AS, Monday (13/7), he said that he has been contacted by several parties of Turkey to negotiate a move Valdes. But, Valdes just hoped to survive at Manchester United FC.
Agent of Manchester United goalkeeper, Victor Valdes said he was not talking with the Turkish club Antalyaspor. But he confirmed the club's interest in a number of Valdes.
As reported by the Daily Mail, Gines Carvajal, agent of Valdes  said that he has contacted some people from Turkey to negotiate a move of Victor. But he has not talked to the president of the Turkish club in question (Antalyaspor).
Carvahal claimed not to know the president and has no plans to talk to him because Valdes was not interested in a move to Antalyaspor.
Carvajal said that the desire of Valdes is playing at Manchester United and he has left on his contract for another year.
Last seasons, the former Barcelona goalkeeper was unable to compete with David De Gea. Valdes just could make his debut in the last two matches of the Premier League when De Gea injury.

Carvajal said that Manchester United FC is one of the two or three best teams in the world. Despite reserves, Valdes wants to survive at MU. Valdes will struggle to get a place next seasons. He wants to help the team as much as possible.

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