Monday, June 29, 2015

Statement of Di Maria Relieve the Manchester United Supporters

Statement of Di Maria relieve the Manchester United supporters – Angel Di Maria insists has no plans to leave Manchester United (MU) next season, although the Argentine players has trouble during his first season with the Red Devils.

MU bring in Di Maria of Real Madrid on August 26, 2014. The Red Devils should be poured funds amounting to 59.7 million pounds, which makes Di Maria broke the record as the most expensive player that bought by club's United Kingdom.

Di Maria

As the competition season goes, the record is not directly proportional to the appearance of Di Maria. Argentine players failed to show his best game so that he has much more to sit on the bench.

Then, appears a lot of rumors that mention Di Maria considering leaving Manchester United. Speculation, Di Maria will return to Spain to join Barcelona. However, the news was denied Di Maria who is currently defending Argentina in the Copa America in 2015. This statement of Di Maria relieve the Manchester United supporters.

Di Maria

Di Maria said that he would not left MU because he does not wish such that. He also add that in Madrid, there comes a time he will get a whistle in the stadium but he deal with it and then the situation turned around. He insist that he like to face it.
Regardless, Di Maria acknowledged that he felt uneasy about the situation at Old Trafford.

This situation is not only felt by him, but it also felt by his family and of course it also makes them uneasy. Because It is not everything went as he wanted. He came with a goal and ended up on the bench. These conditions by Di Maria is described as condition that is hard to be told how it feels. Initially, Di Maria look good in scoring and assists. He feel the moment good until he left out. He also explained that is a little hard to explain why he do not play.

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