Sunday, May 10, 2015

Will David De Gea Quit From Manchester United?

There is no sign that the Manchester United's Spanish goalkeeper will make a new deal at Old Trafford. He was known to have heavily association with a transfer to La Liga giants Real Madrid. This summer David De Gea quit Manchester United is feared to happen according to Phil Neville. De Gea's contract discussions with United European champions have been monitored by Real Madrid. His current agreement expires at the end of next season and if the Spaniard does not sign a new contract to, they are ready to bind.

De Gea Contract

Regardless of being offered a lot of money, De Gea have not to decide his joining to United although it has been a long time for negotiations ongoing according to manager Louis van Gaal but. At the end of the season, the club could lose their star goalkeeper and David De Gea quit said former United left-back Neville. Neville stated that his biggest fear in the summer is David De Gea and he want De Gea tied up on a longstanding deal. Last month De Gea was listed in the PFA team of the year and has experienced a good season for United although his training has faded a little of late.


When he made a total of pricy mistakes at the beginning of his time at Old Trafford, A small number of people would have supposed De Gea would develop into such a intimidating goalkeeper. But Neville said that the former Atletico Madrid stopper now titles among the utmost goalkeepers in the club's latest history four years on from his first appearance. For many years De Gea is the best developer. The advance and the enhancement he has presented have been unbelievable from where is when he first contracted to somewhere he is at the moment. This would make the David De Gea quit become a regretful news for The United. 

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