Saturday, May 16, 2015

For One Minute Late Turning Up To Lunch, Louis Van Gaal Fined Manchester United Stars

Manchester United Football Club manager Louis van Gaal has been revealed just how stringent is when it comes to promptness. Marouane Fellaini admited the Dutchman Louis van Gaal fined some players for being turning up late to lunch for 60 seconds. When the Belgium midfielder and nine other United players return for post-training lunch a minute late, he said that Van Gaal was disappointed by blowing a fuse. For Gaal it’s important though you think one minute is nothing. For the canteen it was matter but it wasn’t for training.

Gaal’s Strict Rules

Louis van Gaal charged late-comers and even those for a bad foul with a red card. He handed out a several fines. Marouane Fellaini said the Old Trafford manager burst forth after his companies after arrive for a team meal just one minute late. A group of ten players including Marouane Fellaini was hit by The Old Trafford manager with heavy fines. Louis van Gaal has a well-earned reputation as an arch-disciplinarian proven by his dishing out punishments to team turning to Carrington training ground after they were overdue at the club's canteen. Additionally reported in The Mirror, Louis van Gaal fined players in the pocket for doing depraved fouls in games revealed Fellaini.

Recently, Crystal Palace is visited by Van Gaal and his team targeting to stiffen his rule on a Champions League qualification venue. Unfortunately, it has seen United fail to notch a single goal by three straight losses. Despite of Louis van Gaal fined toward disciplinary, he fear an infection has hit his team, and cause him treating an aching throat ahead of the game. England midfielder Michael Carrick suffered a calf injury making him out of the game for the rest of the season.  The Dutchman said a virus has infecting the team’s dressing room attacking players with a little bit of ache in the throat. 

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