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Review: 5 Important Note From The match Manchester United vs Stoke City

Manchester United's success carries a mission of revenge in a match of 24th week Premier League this season. The Red Devil successfully beat Stoke City in front of the own supporters by a 3-0 score.
At the first meeting of the two teams, red devil forced to his knees at the Brittania Stadium by the host with the score 2-0. However, Wayne Rooney et al successfully reverses the position by scoring three goals against Jack Butland.

Review: 5 Important Note From The match Manchester United vs Stoke City

There are at least five important records to be learned, both by Mr Louis van Gaal and the stronghold of Mark Hughes. Are you curious about the 5 critical remarks? The description below will give you an idea for you.
1. Martial Back back to his skills
At the beginning of last season, many people questioned the decision Manchester United which dared to consider a young man to make up for a 19 year old player, who named Anthony Martial. However, slowly but surely all doubts were gone after the French national team players has proven his quality.
In the game counter Stoke City, Martial proved again that United is not wrong to pay dearly to redeem himself from AS Monaco. The young striker is often spread the terror of the left side of United's attack and succeeded in creating one goal and made an assist for Wayne Rooney goal.
2. Right Back Stoke Become Source of Misfortune
It is still related to the first point; the right-back of Stoke City can be regarded as one of the causes of the defeat of the Potters at Old Trafford. Glen Johnson is charged with Mark Hughes to maintain the flexibility of Martial looked like overwhelmed in order to face the young striker. As a result, due to a combination of injuries and poor performance, Johnson pulled out in the 30th minute was replaced by Phil Bardsley.
The entry of Bardsley, who is in fact a former training academy United did not give a significant effect. He also struggled to maintain Martial that look perfect in this game, so the striker of the French national team could score goal and send feedback to the goal Wayne Rooney.
3. Does Van Gaal's philosophy Already Over?
If you notice anything different with the game Manchester United in recent weeks. The Red Devils began to leave the ball possession game and switch to a more attacking football.
The changes in United's style of play proved to be fruitful both for Wayne Rooney. In the last two games, the Red Devils successful victory by scoring three goals in each match, although control of the ball which has been the pride of Louis van Gaal is still inferior to the procurement of the ball Stoke City.
Is this a sign of Louis van Gaal has been surrendered with his philosophy or is this the original form of the philosophy of the Couch? So, you have to wait in the rest of the season.
4. Hughes was wrong to play Arnautovic in this match
Inevitably, the figure of Marko Arnautovic has become an important player in the stronghold of Stoke City. The former Inter Milan midfielder has scored 7 goals and 4 assists for the Potters this season.
In the game, actually Arnautovic had just recovered from injury, even a number of British media predicted that the 26-year-old winger will not play when the Potters visit to Old Trafford.
However, Hughes was surprisingly plays Arnautovic since the beginning of the game. As a result, is the Austrian national team players can not show his best game of the match and he had less contribution as his side were humiliated at Old Trafford.
5. Tradition United Pays
Manchester United is famous as one of the teams who like to orbit the original cast their own training academy. The tradition is also shared by Louis van Gaal, who is already committed to provide an opportunity for young talent to shine at the Red Devils.
This good tradition eventually proved sweet fruit. In the game, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson and Jesse Lingard which is an original product of United's academy performed brilliantly. The combination of the two players produced the first goal for United in the revenge match counter Stoke City.
If Van Gaal consistently gives the time to play to the young players United, so it is not likely to form a new class of 92 that will be the main pillar of the club for years to come.

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