Friday, October 9, 2015

Is Anthony Martial price Not Making Sense? Not for the moment

Is Anthony Martial price Not Making Sense? Not for the moment – Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson assesses the performance of Anthony Martial so far is perfect. Thus, the fund spending of 58.7 million pounds are not wasted.
Anthony Martial
The French international player could make a scene when MU brings him to Old Trafford from Monaco when the summer transfer window deadline. How could it not for a player 19 years old and he was not well-known, the Red Devils paid 36 million pounds plus 22.7 million pounds paid according to the agreement.
But Martial performance has silenced all criticism about "buying a cat in the sack". In the three earlier matches with The Red Devils, Martial had scored three goals, including two goals that drove Manchester United's 3-2 win over Southampton in the Premier League continued on Sunday (20/09/2015).
This makes Ferguson amazed. Managers were recorded in history as the most successful in Manchester United throughout his career as a manager at Old Trafford, refer to the current price of Martial in accordance with his contribution.
When asked at the launch of his new book 'Leading', which focuses on the art of leadership, as to whether the price of Martial somewhat crazy, Ferguson responded by saying that if the transfer was unreasonable? It is not for the moment.
The 73 years old man was also explained about the price MU. According to him, the overall value of this club has changed compared to when he became the boss for more than two decades at Old Trafford.
Ferguson also added that when he arrived at Old Trafford club had to rely on ticket revenues - imagine it, he bought Viv Anderson and Brian McClair in the first year for $ 1 million, then he bought Mark Hughes 1.8 million pounds.

In 1986 the club said to be worth 10 million pounds, while the current estimates of more than 2 billion pounds.

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