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The Fate of Users the Magnificent 7 MU before Memphis Depay

The Fate of Users the Magnificent 7 MU before Memphis Depay – Manchester United has just released the number one jersey that will be worn by their players in the 2015/16 season. Exciting surprises come from new recruits, Memphis Depay.

Player imported from PSV Eindhoven was apparently given the confidence to use the uniform jersey number 7 after the previous master, Angel Di Maria officially move to PSG.
Memphis Depay got the club's sacred number, known as Magnificent 7, he seems like between two roads, the success or failure. He bore the great expectations of MU fans by using of this number. Some players are already proven. There are successful, those that are failing miserably when they use the back number of 7 in the Red Devils.
Here's the fate of some of the United players who use the back number of 7 earlier:
1. George Best
George Best is the best one of the most memorable legend of Manchester United fans. He contributed to United's five titles at the senior level. He was also selected as the winner of the Ballon d'Or edition of the event 1968 ago.
2. Bryan Robson
Being a United player in the 1982 to 1992 ago, the name Robson became one of the brains awakening the Red Devils in the early days of the Premier League.
In fact, Robson was chosen as the best Manchester United FC player of all time in a poll held in 2011.
3. Eric Cantona
After Robson era ended, the back number of 7 switched to Eric Cantona. The French players have turned out to be a tremendous success with the Red Devils. Cantona contributed four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, as well as the Charity Shield three times for United.
Cantona famous with the number 7 is not only thanks to his prowess, but he also often made the controversial actions, including when crashing the Crystal Palace supporter with a kung fu kick.
4. David Beckham
Talked about the back number of 7 Manchester United will not be complete if we did not discuss David Beckham. Yes, this number is iconic with the Becks career in the Red Devils.
In addition to expert on the field with a cross accurately, Beckham is also famous for having good looks and later married with the personnel of the girl band group, Spice Girls, Victoria.
5. Cristiano Ronaldo
The user the back number of 7 is the last person who successful in the United clearly a Cristiano Ronaldo. He came in 2003 with the infamous juvenile status from Portugal, Ronaldo made a surprise that given the costume direct the sacred number.
Ronaldo replied with a myriad of achievements, which he presented to the Red Devils. That is why his nickname well known as CR7 till now.
6. Flop
Despite some successful players are wearing this number, but not a few who flop alias failed miserably. Here are some of the most require our attention.
Ø   Ralph Milne used the number 7 for three years at Manchester United began 1988 to 1991. Unfortunately, Milne is unable to provide any titles to Manchester United FC.
Ø   Afterwards, turn Keith Gillespie was unsuccessful. As part of the Manchester United Youth who won the FA Cup with members of the class of '92, he was promoted to the high expectations. But the Gillespie position in the team began to displace along with the arrival of Andrei Kanchelskis.
Ø   United's decision to bring Michael Owen in 2009 and coupled with the handing the back number 7 of Ronaldo to him. Unfortunately, Owen more struggling on the treatment table than the action wearing the costume exhibit number 7 on the grass Old Trafford.
Ø   Owen lost; number 7 was moved into the hands of Antonio Valencia. Unfortunately, he could not bear the burden of high expectations given and only lasted one season before returning wearing jersey number 25.
Ø   Users number 7 most brand at United before Memphis Depay is Angel Di Maria. Imported with breaking the official British transfer record, Di Maria in fact not able to show his best performance and direct to be sold to PSG.

That’s all about the fate of users the Magnificent 7 MU before Memphis Depay. Then what about Memphis Depay? Will he take the succeed road or the other? Let’s find out in this season.

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