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Fellaini cried when Moyes fired

Fellaini cried when Moyes fired – The day when David Moyes away from Manchester United is one of the saddest moments experienced by Marouane Fellaini. Belgian midfielder was admitted to crying so he knows that Moyes sacked by Manchester United.
Marouane Fellaini
Fellaini said that, when Moyes reported gone, he was sad. He heard the dismissal on radio and TV, after the defeat of Everton.
He continued that he does not know it's true or not. The next day on-site dining at the training center, He saw Moyes wearing a suit, instead of wearing a costume rehearsal. He said to him, 'It's over now'.
Fellaini also said that, when eating, Fellaini admitted there are moments of awkward between him and Moyes. After the meal, Moyes took him to his room. Moyes then tells news that dismissal. There were tears coming out at that time.
Tears were considered Fellaini as a natural thing. The former Everton player also said that he has worked with Moyes for six years. Moyes is not the father of the two for him. However, Moyes has helped him very much. That’s why Fellaini cried when Moyes fired.
Moyes has become one of the figures who contributed in career Fellaini. The Scot coach brings him to England when he was coached Everton. Moyes managed to persuade Fellaini to join the Toffees in spite of a number of other clubs are also after him.
Fellaini had come to move too when Moyes comes to Old Trafford in the summer of 2013. However, the first season he and Moyes do not run well. The former Standard Liege player was often used as a scapegoat for the poor performance of the Red Devils last season.
Fellaini said that, when his first seasons here, the whole team is not performing well. However, He was the one who became the scapegoat. At that time, every error is as if caused by Fellaini.
This season, Fellaini can reply the heavy criticism last season. Under Louis van Gaal, Fellaini's performance improved over the performance of the Red Devils. Fellaini  just principled not to be afraid to lose.

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