Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Yorke: United must bring three new players

Yorke: United must bring three new players – After successfully getting Memphis Depay some time ago, the movement of Manchester United in the transfer market looks like be jammed. Former United player, Dwight Yorke also suggested so Louis van Gaal immediately brought three new players to Old Trafford.
Dwight Yorke
Yorke believe that with the addition of three new players into the squad concoction Van Gaal, the Red Devils will be stronger and able to compete for the title next season. 43-year-old man then pointed a position which must be occupied by the new players later.
Dwight Yorke
He called if the position of midfielder to replace Michael Carrick and two extra defenders and attackers.
As reported by Sky Sport, Yorke said that they have been fighting for this. They have got Angel Di Maria, Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Falcao, but they have not been able to bring them to the level it should be. They know that they could do that.
Dwight Yorke
They can make changes at some point, by changing the number of players forward. And without Carrick and playing style, Dwight Yorke see how weak United. Van Gaal must seek a defensive midfielder. That's the conclusion Yorke.
Red Devils itself reportedly will complete the transfer process Southampton midfielder, Morgan Schneiderlin. The Saints also alleged to have agreed to a price of 25 million Pounds.
That all of expectation Yorke, a former United player, for his favorite club, according to the opinion of Yorke: United must bring three new players.

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