Monday, July 27, 2015

Van Gaal: Valdes Refuse to Play

Van Gaal: Valdes Refuse to Play – Louis Van Gaal said again the reason why he was ejected Victor Valdes. Van Gaal had previously suggested that Valdes does not follow his philosophy of football that's why he should leave Manchester United.
V. Valdes
This time, Van Gaal said professional reasons. Valdes actually was ever refused to appear for the United's second team in the last season. That could happen, when Valdes was still just recovered from injury.
Valdes (and also Falcao) never asked to appear for United's second team. However it is done so that the player can be fit again to play for the main team. Valdes ever refused the order.
Van Gaal told the BBC, he said that the last season, Victor Valdes refused to play for their second team. In addition, there are other aspects that are not owned by Valdes to be a goalkeeper for United. It's very, very disappointing. It is too bad, because they are the club that gave Valdes the opportunity to undergo the healing. They gave contract until Valdes is fit to play. That is why Van Gaal told to Valdes, but he refused to play.

Last summer Valdes chose to leave Barcelona after his contract runs out. He is projected to join AS Monaco, but severe injury hinders the transfer. Manchester United FC then came to accommodate Valdes.

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