Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three Crucial positions that must be addressed by MU

Three Crucial positions that must be addressed by MU – Former defender ManchesterUnited (MU), Gary Neville, is assessing the Red Devils need three new players support their squad. These players have position in central defense, central midfield and the wings, in order to compete in next season's competition.
Gary Neville
This season, 2014-2015, the Red Devils have spent around 180 million euros to bring in some new players. However, those amounts were not able to make MU becomes a winner because lagged far from Chelsea.
When Chelsea firmly in the top position with the acquisition of 73 points from 31 matches.
Meanwhile, MU still ranks third in the standings of the Premier League with 65 points from 32 games.
Neville said that if everyone asked him three months ago, Neville would say that Manchester United still far behind. However, the present position is not too far away when the league closer to the end.
Neville continued that two or three months ago, they would think that Chelsea is far ahead of MU. Now, the competitive struggle for new players in the summer will be crucial.
Neville also said that if they do it right, MU will feel confident to challenge Chelsea for a title next season. According to him this summer MU will not be completely overhauled the squad.
Gary Neville
Actually there are three Crucial positions that must be addressed by MU, Neville added that they need to improve two or three positions, namely a central defender, a midfielder and winger. In this case the exchange of players is better than buying.

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