Wednesday, May 20, 2015

As Part Of £47million Sponsorship Contract, Players Are Forced To Drive Manchester United Chevrolet Cars

The Manchester United players have been spoken to drive the sponsor's cars to keep them in the clear although they already own Jaguar and Range Rovers. With the aim of keep their sponsors pleased, players have been told to drive Manchester United Chevrolet cars to and from training. The club's biggest stars have been in indulgence of driving their own BMW and Porsches to and from work making the free vehicles provided by the car giants snubbing. A source told the Daily Star on Sunday that it was very awkward when all these free cars provided by motor company are unwanted to drive by anyone.

English Football stars now drive Chevrolet
The men now can get pictured behind the wheel of a Chevrolet after they have been tested to drive them every now and again to and from training. These Manchester United Chevrolet cars are lovely gift although they might not be Porsches and lots of United supporter would do anything to own car for free motor. The cars have been spotted to this point driven by players like Jonny Evans, David De Gea, Antonio Valencia and Juan Mata to the training field. Daley Blind was pictured driving a Camaro while De Gea, Mata, and Evans were spied behind the wheel of a Captiva.

A year ago, only ground staff used the cars although there were about 15 cars were delivered to Carrington. To settle the sponsor, the stars now have been initiated to give the Manchester United Chevrolet cars a go every once in a while. The American company had presented free cars to fellows of the United team in 2014 after they became United's sponsor. The order from the Red Devils' chain of command was apparently led by very limited of the squad took the company’s offer. Starting from now, we will oftenly see Chevrolet driving around the Old Trafford.

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